Do the World some Good by Getting Wood Watches!

Let us go green for a moment here: Did you know that nearly 20 percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions are from the carbon emissions of the construction sector in Australia? On top of the carbon footprint of the processes involving energy and transport, the building materials used in the construction sector in the AU are making quite a large deal on carbon emissions. You might be worried by now and are wanting to ask on what you can do as consumers to contribute for the total elimination of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. What if I told you that you can have a green thumb and a sense of fashion at the same time with wood watches?

Why wood watches are the next big thing for fashion and the environment?

Naturally grown, engineered, and responsibly sourced wood is a material which contributes to the elimination or removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Wood is also the only renewable building material available. Hence, wooden products like the authentic wood watches give off a considerably lower carbon footprint, since the processing and production of wood consumes lesser energy than most building materials today. Furthermore, wood products also help accumulate carbon like what that of the growing trees have removed from the air.

In the fashion and gadget world, the emerging popularity of these luxury wood watches has been unbelievable, seeing as people currently try to do what they can to lead a healthy lifestyle for both themselves and the Earth. Aside from the ever popular wood watches, there are also wooden sunglasses, wallets, clocks, and even wooden bow ties and neck ties, among others. The creativity of the fashion industry is limitless with wooden material. These wood products carry diverse environmental welfares aside from being very cool and fashion forward. That is why they are very ecological and less destructive for the environment.

Here are some green and good reasons why buying either expensive wood watches or even the cheap ones is awesome:

The Carbon controlling characteristic of wood is helpful to the Earth.

One of the reasons for climate change around the world is the amount of carbon emission in the atmosphere. Usually, carbon is re-absorbed by plants and trees. Therefore, by wearing or using a product made of wood you are helping to eliminate these destructive compounds from the air.

Manufacturing wood emits less carbon dioxide.

The method of manufacturing these wood products is exceptionally energy efficient, which is why wood has a low carbon footprint. You are ultimately recommending the use ecological manufacturing practices with your wooden watch purchase.

It is a renewable source of energy.

Wood, as we all know, is biodegradable and it breaks down in the environment over a shorter period of time compared to plastics and metals. When wood is disposed of, it is readily absorbed back into the Earth. Although most wooden merchandises contain other things in them, it is still better to support the use of non-renewable material as the main foundation of the things you own. Check out WeWOOD

It simply looks cool and sophisticated as a gadget or accessory.

The visual appeal of a natural wooden watch or any wooden product is like no other. Wood is the current fashion trend and it will certainly stay that way for a long time.

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