Electric Dewatering Pumps – Useful to Evacuate a Large Water Body

Australia has a huge share of the world’s mining industry. Minerals of different types are mined and one keeps hearing of flooding of mines every now and then. This happens because water underneath the earth’s surface could be flowing under some pressure and when the miners keep digging further for minerals, they can accidentally hit a point where there is water flow. It is true that there is technology to indicate water table below the earth, and the miners take precautions as well. But nature being what it is, these things do occur. The miners quickly deploy an electric dewatering pump to remove the water out of the mine so that mining activity can resume.

Large Scale Evacuation of Water

The dewatering pumps are used wherever there is a need to quickly drain large water stagnations, if it is obstructing normal activity in the area. Mines, especially open mines, are one of the most frequent examples cited. In the case of the open mines, a heavy downpour could result in water collecting in the mine. Once rain stops, the miners have to press the electric dewatering pump into action. But there are many other sectors, which use these pumps as well. One of the major users of electric dewatering pump in Bathurst is the construction sector. When large building projects are undertaken and a lot of digging is involved, water accumulation can occur in the construction sites. There can be other similar applications as well, which use these pumps.

electric dewatering pump

Construction and Features

A typical Bathurst electric dewatering pump would have an outer casing made of cast iron but the surface of the pump would be treated to make it non-corrosive. The electrically driven pumps will have an impeller which is also mostly made of cast iron. Some of the parts can be in stainless steel. Within the dewatering pumps category, there are pumps, which are mounted on mobile units if they have to be carried to interiors to extract water. You can also find a cheap electric dewatering pump in Bathurst that is functionally not less efficient than any other, but gives you value for dollars spent. Learn more about Truflo Pumps.

Besides the pumps used above the surface, there are submersible pumps as well. One must not confuse this range of dewatering pumps with the fractional horse power motor pumps and other submersible pumps used in tube wells. The electric dewatering pump can also be used to draw water from underground sources but the application for this type of pumps is mainly meant for large volumes of water being emptied from a storage point in the quickest possible time.

The users usually place their orders for these pumps based on their specific needs in terms of the sizes and rating of the motor or the volume of water displacement per hour and so on. For particular applications, the buyers can insist on changes in the specs such as only stainless steel parts or even an SS impeller being provided, if their requirement demands it.

Water evacuation from large stagnation points like mines and construction sites poses a challenge to the operators of the projects since after removing the water only their men could resume work. The dewatering pumps are quite helpful in this endeavour.

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