Safe Tips for Buying Your Fiancé an Engagement Ring

Jewelry is a significant part of any wedding experience. In fact, according to a report by online jeweler Diamond Emporium, Australians spend an average of 8234 dollars on an average engagement ring. What’s more, research says that even as marriages in Australia remain flat, jewelry stores are witnessing an increase in the sales of engagement rings. This is a perfect indication that more and more people are valuing engagement rings. Even so, shopping for the perfect engagement ring can be quite a tasking venture especially for a spouse. This article takes a look at some of the very important things that you should put into consideration as you shop for engagement rings in Melbourne.

Research Her Style

There is no use buying an expensive ring when your fiancée won’t like it on her finger. Therefore, it’s good to make sure you find something that is in line with her style. To be much safer, today more couples are opting to go for ring shopping together than risking surprising a person with a ring that they may actually end up not liking. If you take that traditional surprise route though, then you will have to do the extra homework. Ensure you research on her style by asking her friends and siblings. Ask them to swear to secrecy as you don’t want the surprise to be ruined. Also you can easily determine this by paying attention to the kind of jewelry that she wears; whether vintage, modern and even the size she likes.

Shop Safe

If it’s your first time to buy an engagement ring, then it’s likely you may not know where you are going to start. A good place would be the recommendations given to you by family and friends first. If you find no leads, then you can check with industry organization affiliation and the stores that sell engagement rings in Melbourne and that are accredited by them. Also, large chains that are popular are dependable, and the good thing with them is they offer sales. Additionally, the best stores are the ones with good return policies such that you can exchange a stone if she ends up not liking it.

Work Within Your Budget

You can easily get the best ring for your fiancé without necessarily going into debt. If she would prefer a large ring and you cannot really afford, you can improvise by getting a ring that has a large table or surface area. While you won’t get a lot of sparkle, a one carat ring will appear larger when the stone isn’t as deep.  Also if you do not wish to sacrifice the look of the stone, you could try buying a ring that is a little less than the next carat which can save you up to 20% on the cost of the ring.

When buying engagement rings in Melbourne, especially for your significant other and without their presence, you have to be extra careful so that you can capture their style yet remain within your budget. Use the tips provided above for a successful purchase.

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