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In simple parlance, a shed is a roofed structure built in the backyard garden to store materials or used as a workshop. But this simple structure has now turned out to be an industry. The Sunshine Coast storage sheds and the storage sheds in other parts of Australia now constitute a booming industry with turnover crossing AUD 1 billion. According to the estimate, this business is expected to grow further by about 3.3% during 2017.

sunshine coast storage sheds

Store any material:

The utility of a shed is now extended far beyond from being merely a place to store unused materials. Now, the Sunshine Coast storage sheds are the places where you can store any material, starting from your household articles to raw materials and finished products of your business.

Affordable rental:

The storage area is not limited to closed structures; it also extends to open air storage spaces. Now, you can hire the storage space for a few hours or days or weeks. Now, Sunshine Coast storage sheds are available in different sizes and at an affordable rental. For example, storage spaces measuring 6 meters X 2.8 meters will cost about AUD 149. That is quite affordable as compared to leasing a building to store your belongings.

Types of storage spaces:

Now, storage space is available in two categories namely storage sheds in Sunshine Coast and storage containers. While storage shed is a concrete structure, the storage container is made of steel and it is similar to the shipping container. But, from the security and utility point of view, both the storage space and the storage container stand on almost equal footing.


 From the investment point of view, a storage shed being a concrete structure, involves a considerable amount of investment towards constructing the shed. Therefore, normally storage sheds will have a higher rental as compared to a container storage space.

Waiting space to access belongings:

In the normal course, contrary to the storage sheds Sunshine Coast firms provide, container storage space is kept in the open space. However, in some cases, from the security point of view, the container storage space is also kept in partially enclosed spaces. In such cases, whenever you want to access your belongings, the container storage space will be moved to a designated location. After you access the belongings, the container storage space will be moved back to the semi-enclosed location. Naturally, in such cases, you may have to wait for some time before you access the materials in the storage container. Except this, you can access your belongings anytime as per the terms and conditions of the storage space lease agreement.

Convenience in accessing:

Similar to the best storage sheds in Sunshine Coast, even some of the container storage spaces will have appropriate lighting and ventilation facility. The lighting facility helps you to conveniently access your belongings. Further, the ventilation helps in managing the temperature within the container storage.

Look for reputed storage services:

As a matter of fact, in Australia, storage spaces are now being extensively used not only by business houses but also by individuals. The storage space is also being used to store furniture and other household articles. In order to ensure the safety of your belongings, you should look for reputed storage services like the

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