Tips on Buying the Perfect Diamond Ring for Loved Ones

Love is as old as history, and each season, people want to do it right. While some invented the idea of the red rose to be the sign of commitment to a loved one, some people took it a little further and came up with the idea of the diamond ring. Perhaps they knew the rose withered with time while the diamond lived till forever. And it is not supposed to be put on just any finger. There is a finger that has a vein that runs straight to the heart. So here is where a man places the priceless jewel. When looking for an engagement ring in Sydney, find out the various types of fine diamond rings at Moi Moi currently.


The engagement day is supposed to be memorable. This is the time two lovers promise to be true to each other till eternity. A diamond adequately seals the deal. When shopping for a ring, take a look at the various shapes and sizes of fine diamond rings at Moi Moi to select something that will make an impression on a loved one. Remember the choice of a ring really determines a lot since a lady gauges a man’s taste by what he puts on her finger.


Most people think of the ring only in terms of shape and size, often forgetting other factors that truly matter. Here are tips that could help someone make a perfect choice of the diamond ring;


i. Shape – The round shaped diamond ring is more popular with consumers. It is described as brilliant, fiery and light. More than three quarters of diamond purchases are round rings. When looking for an engagement ring, sample a number of round sparkling fine diamond rings at Moi Moi to come up with a choice that will make heads turn.


Apart from the round shape, there are others like the oval and heart-shapes which have clear messages too. Heart shaped diamonds communicate seductively and are a preference of the seasoned romantics. Pear shapes are available as well and are preferred by slightly larger females since they appear bigger.


ii. Size – After holding a girl’s finger, a man is supposed to know the size of a ring that will fit into it. If it is meant to be a surprise, there is need to use all arsenal within reach to determine a fitting size. All the same, it does not matter to ask her about her size so that there is no need to take the gem back to the jeweler for another one.


iii. Quality – Diamonds cost a lot and there is need to consider quality carefully. There are instances when someone is conned and pays for over-graded diamonds. To avoid this, buy a diamond with an authentic certificate.


iv. Color – Most people love a white or colorless diamond. However, there are some who love the blue or amber. After determining the color preference of a loved one, this should not be a tough call.


Well, diamonds are the best way to communicate love and commitment. Making a choice of the perfect gift for a loved one should be simple with the above tips.

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