Types of Medium and Light Duty Trucks

There are a wide variety of medium and light duty trucks in CDL as well as non CDL vehicle gross weights for sale. Obtaining a perfect choice can however, present a challenge since there are several manufacturers all competing to capture buyers’ fancy. With the latest truck models in the market, a vehicle buyer may be unsure of what to go for, or even where to get the perfect truck that will deliver. It calls for knowledge of various types of trucks to consider buying and qualities for each. These are:


1. Cargo Vans – Are ideal for light duties. For effective functionality, they need to have sliding side doors and one at the rear. Cargo vans are very effective for delivery purposes and can be a good choice for business people trading on various items. For medium duty trucks that will be on rough terrain most of the time, durability as well as warranty must be considered during purchase.


2. Cabover City Delivery Vans – These types of vans are good consideration for deliveries in the locality. In most states, they are allowed to de driven without a driver’s commercial license. A medium duty truck owner who has moved to several places in a given day may consider the engine capacity of the delivery van if they are especially keen on saving on fuel consumption. There are vans that consume very little and fuel guzzlers as well. One can choose what suits their needs and pockets.


3. Light Duty Box Trucks – These trucks are ideal for ferrying boxes and other items. Depending on the amount of tasks each day and terrain, buy medium truck with good handling to ensure ease of travel, reduced cost on wear and tear and absolute efficiency.


4. Refrigerated Trucks – They are also referred to as reefers and are available as medium and light duty trucks. They vary by application. They are used for transporting perishable goods over long or even short distances. These trucks need a good warranty owing to their functionalities. They also need to exhibit power.


5. Flatbed Trucks – Commercial flatbed trucks are ideal for independent deliveries. They come in a variety of designs with automatic or manual transmissions. They can handle loads with varied heights because of their open tops. Very effective in carrying timber and other wooden items.


6. Cab and Chassis – They form the base for ambulance, recreational vehicles and fire instruments. They are easy to modify to fit a user’s specifications. They are strong and are able to handle many tasks and weights.

With varieties of cars available at UD Trucks, a buyer can choose several medium or light duty trucks that suit their needs. Before one makes a choice, it is imperative to consider a variety of factors including spaciousness, warranty, body design, engine capacity and model among other factors. While price forms an important basis for the type of truck someone buys, it should not overshadow all other important underlying factors like durability and design. To obtain high quality trucks, the following website will be helpful;http://www.udtrucks.com/e-au/home